A great education is the cornerstone of our community. Here at LAS, our community, and school, work collaboratively and support each other. The community and school also understand that academic achievement begins with a high-quality teacher in the classroom, combined with a rigorous pedagogy and a child-centered focus on the socio-emotional needs of our learners.

Since my appointment as Superintendent of Lahore American School, our unified priority is to ensure the solidification of our curriculum, combined with professional educators that are themselves, life-long learners passionate about education. A strong school and strong community go hand in hand. In LAS, we all share a common goal of high-quality education, efficient and effective communication, and strong community collaboration.

The sense of unity and inclusiveness resonates throughout our campus. From the first day, I stepped upon our wonderful campus, I have stressed upon the importance of community. The inclusion of all Lahore American School stakeholders has been essential to the growth we’ve experienced throughout our school.


As we move forward through these challenging times, it is clear that though recent events have presented monumental challenges to the education field worldwide, we have excelled TOGETHER! I look forward to our journey ahead as we continually seek to prepare our learners to be the successful leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to Lahore American School.

Dr. Robert Fielder
Lahore American School