Health Clinic

The health of students is a vital concern. LAS employs a full time doctor who is responsible for giving medical aid to students and staff. The doctor is available from 7:15 am to 5:00 pm each school day. The school doctor deals with medical emergencies, makes referrals to other professionals as needed, and maintains student health records.

In case a student falls ill or is injured during the school day, s/he obtains a pass from the class teacher and then proceeds to the doctor’s office. In case of a serious illness or injury, first aid is provided at the clinic, and parents are notified. Parents may take the student to a hospital, if required.

A student may not leave campus for health reasons unless the school doctor and/or the school principal have granted permission.

Parents are welcome to visit the health clinic if they have questions or contact us by email. We are happy to serve you!

School Health Clinic Services


Student Care

  • Assessment of students who feel unwell
  • First Aid and on duty for all extracurricular activities and tournaments
  • Record keeping
  • Prevention of communicable disease



  • Height and weight screening twice a year for all early years and elementary students
  • GPE(General Physical Examination) once a year for all students


First Aid Kits

  • Provide and replenish kits for classrooms, field trips, school trips and sports


Medication at School

  • If your child needs medication during school hours, our school doctor can administer these medicines after a medication administration form has been submitted to the child’s office.