10 Reasons to Choose Lahore American School

Our Mission

The mission of Lahore American school is to foster an inclusive environment where students are supported on their journey to becoming independent thinkers, lifelong learners, global citizens, and empathetic individuals.

We recognize that children thrive when their social, emotional, creative, intellectual, and physical needs are met through play learning. Our Early Childhood is comprised of Pre School, Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. Our classrooms are stimulating and developmentally appropriate.

In Elementary School, we aim to develop well-balanced, independent, and curious students who love to learn of Grades 1 – 5. We provide opportunities for students to become readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, musicians, and athletes. This is where we stoke the fire of learning.

In Middle School, we aim to develop responsibility, independence, and identity through appropriate social, emotional, and academic challenges. Respect is an integral part of our everyday lives at LAS: respect of self, others, and the environment

In High School, we provide students with a wide array of learning opportunities in a supportive, diverse, and rigorous environment. Our students learn self-awareness and discipline as they balance academics, athletics, and service, preparing them to make a difference.