We at the Lahore American School believe that Visual and Performing Art is an essential part of the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of a child. LAS offers a wide array of visual and performing arts classes designed to stimulate the creativity of students in elementary, middle, and high school years.

We believe that Art is a global communication by which knowledge is made visible and our Visual and performing Arts curriculum enables students to acquire skills that are structured, sequential, and increasingly complex. Each of these mediums help students to experience a variety of art forms and techniques that are built upon their strengths and interests and they develop their own creativity and love of art through experimentation, appreciation, evaluation and response to different art form.

They also interact with the local, regional, and world communities through competitions, educational trips, SAISA and through various school sponsored events. LAS celebrates the arts in our yearly “Arts Week” which showcases literary, visual, and performing arts around the campus with a wide variety of events.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School