Welcome to another amazing year at Lahore American School (LAS)! As we begin this new school year, I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of your children. For those of you who are new to LAS, I wish to assure you that your child is now a part of an amazing school community. For our returning families, thank you for your support, your commitment, and your dedication to making LAS the best that we can be.

The students and staff of LAS embrace the challenges of the future continuing to cherish and celebrate the traditions of the past. Our remarkable staff, involved parents, and committed students come together to make LAS in general, and the Secondary School in particular, a wonderful and unique place.


For yourself, for others, for your education. This means coming to school on time, ready, willing and able to learn. Attendance is closely monitored.

Stay informed

Read the daily announcements. Read the Friday Flash. Read and familiarize yourselves with the Secondary Handbook and systems we have in place for communication. “I was not aware...” is not an acceptable excuse.


We encourage the vital partnership between the home and the school. Let’s be consistent about keep the channels of communication open.


If there is anything you are unclear of or do not understand, come and speak to us. We in the Administration, the Guidance Center, and your advisors are here to support you.

AIt is important for a school to be ‘led’ by a set of agreed upon and shared beliefs. To achieve this, our staff and community engages in ‘learning conversations’ to define and articulate such philosophy. Accordingly, all contemporary teaching strategies, including differentiated instruction, cross curricular approaches, project-based learning and tech integration are interwoven into our very fabric. We are dedicated to supporting the needs and abilities of our students while taking into consideration their individual levels and learning styles.

Our community emphasizes the significance of values and behaviors that are respectful of each other, other cultures, and our environment. Our school fully believes in the importance of valuing the virtues that contribute to the common good of all people and cultures. We believe that to be able to mold and shape our students to be global citizens, they should have a ‘voice’ and be part of this changing educational trend.

I look forward to our upcoming year together and welcome our future conversations and interaction.

All the best,

Blake Rodabaugh
Secondary Principal
Lahore American School