Lahore American School (LAS) offers a challenging and balanced program. Our middle school provides a rigorous, differentiated curriculum that balances the unique needs of young adolescents and the demands of high standards. LAS teachers incorporate cross-curricular connections among the various subject areas throughout the school year. Teachers continually support students in the development of abstract and higher-level thinking skills while bringing real world relevance to instruction. Teachers concentrate on developing lessons and activities that meet other adolescent needs through the provision of numerous opportunities to develop responsibility and independence. An important component of middle school is the exploratory portion which exposes students to a wide variety of courses in the areas of music, drama, art, world languages, and technology.


A major focus is to create a community of global minded and curious learners that seek out opportunities to expand their horizons. In support of this we have our annual week long Classroom Without Walls, during which students explore the greater world outside our campus, leaving the classroom behind. This combination of experiential learning combined with life experience and peer bonding that comes from this type of program is an extremely powerful way to learn.

At LAS we recognize that Middle School (grades 6, 7, and 8) is a special time with a special group of young adults with a particular set of needs and perceptions. We provide our students with a diverse range of programs and activities that enable them to reach their potential as individuals and as valuable members of our school community.

Ultimately in the middle school we are looking to create a community of learners in which students have the freedom and support to grow and strengthen old and new skills, develop and explore new interests, and pursue their dreams in a safe environment without risk.
Wishing you all the best as we enter a new year of learning,

Blake Rodabaugh,
Secondary Principal