Welcome to Middle School

Welcome to Middle School.  Possibly the most exciting time of a student’s educational career.  It is a time of change, exploration, and expansion and choices that at LAS are nurtured and supported within the safety and security of a small school setting that embraces a sense of community and caring.  Small class sizes help to ensure that each student receives valuable one on one attention and support to truly reach their potential.


Students in middle school have the opportunity to choose between French, Mandarin, and Urdu as their foreign language.  Art, Drama, Computer Science, and Music are offered on a semester rotation allowing students to sample, explore and try new things outside of the core subjects.  Beginning this year, we are instituting a culminating Capstone project for students in the eighth grade.

While pursuing academic excellence we ensure that there are numerous clubs, campus organizations, sports teams, and experiential learning such as field trips and our annual Class Without Walls where students explore the wonders of our world both locally and abroad.  To truly grow we need more than pure academics.

Within our Middle School program there is a focus on Social Emotional Learning in which our counselors and teachers work collaboratively utilizing the Second Step program to assist our students in developing a keen understanding of the world in which we live, their role in it and best to interact with each other socially. 

We embrace the concept of student-centered and student-led learning putting our students at the forefront of their educational journey.  When students step into the role of disseminating learning tremendous growth, both academically and personally, takes place.

Welcome to another great year at LAS.

All the best,

Blake Rodabaugh,
Secondary School Principal
Lahore American School