At Lahore American School, Everybody Moves

LAS students are highly encouraged to make the most of the opportunities to stay active and explore. This love for an active lifestyle translates to a community that loves to play- and to compete- on the fields, on the courts, in the pool, and wherever else their passions take them.

LAS allows for a wide range of athletic commitment- from enjoyment to skill development to competition with other schools. There’s room here for committed athletes and curious participants. Across all divisions, the goal is for students to participate, have fun, and push themselves to improve their all-round skills as both students and athletes.

The High School Athletic Program- SAISA

The athletic program at LAS includes all the competitive sports and teams. LAS is a SAISA member school, competing against 9 other international schools across the South East Asia region. The purpose of SAISA is to promote and coordinate regional professional development activities, academic and cultural festivals, athletic tournaments, and other events deemed appropriate by the member schools. The website ( provides more information.

SAISA provides the chance for students to get a break from the pressures of school work and to get out and visit other schools, mix with students from different backgrounds, share common experiences, develop new skills in the company of other like-minded young people, and make lifelong friends. All of these add up to far more than just a game of basketball or soccer, or an excellent dramatic production. SAISA is a tool, which forms character, a program that adds value to the educational experiences of young people, and an environment, which provides personal growth through students interacting in different cultural surroundings.


The Middle School Athletic Program- SAISA West

SAISA West is a 3 member league consisting of Lahore American School, International School of Islamabad and Karachi American School. The purpose of SAISA West is to promote domestic travel and regional coordination within the International Schools of Pakistan.

SAISA West provides LAS middle school students their first opportunity to travel with the school as a team and mix with students from different backgrounds, share experiences while developing new skills and making lifelong friendships!

Our Mascot: Buffy

Lahore American School’s mascot is a water buffalo we lovingly call Buffy. Standing 5 to 6.2 feet tall at the shoulder, water buffaloes are formidable mammals with sparse gray-black coats. They are native to the plains of Punjab and are known to be vital for the economy. The school adopted this mascot in the 1960s when the students of LAS would run across the street and jump in the canal of Lahore populated with the Water Buffalo.