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A better word for homework is independent practice. School work completed at home should be done independently with a minimum of assistance. At LAS we consider independent practice to be an essential element in a student’s learning.

Research has indicated that students do their best when independent practice is done at regular times each day, in a well lit room that is free of distractions. Given these conditions, the length of time a student takes to complete a given assignment may vary greatly from one student to the next. As a rough guide, the following times may assist teachers in assigning an appropriate amount of homework to be completed from Monday through to Thursday evening. The guide includes independent reading time.

A maximum of 15 to 30 minutes of homework is assigned in grades 1 and 2

A maximum of 20 to 45 minutes of homework is assigned in grades 3 and 4

A maximum of 30 to 60 minutes of homework is assigned in grade 5.

Values of Independent Practice

Through independent practice your child is able to:

  • Practice and refine skills.
  • Be prepared for the next class meeting.
  • Learn to plan and budget time.
  • Extend assignments.
  • Apply learning to different practical situations.
  • Complete long range projects.
  • Extend the concept of learning beyond the classroom.
  • Develop responsibility, independence, self discipline, strong study skills and positive work habits.
  • Use independent research skills.

Testing for admission will only commence after all the relevant paperwork has been completed and received by the Admissions Office (documents mentioned below). All students applying to LAS in grades 1 to 11 are tested in reading, writing and mathematics. If the student’s first language is not English, testing for English as a Second Language (ESL) will also be undertaken and support provided if needed. The student admissions test for (Pre-S, Pre-K and Kindergarten) is conducted by the early year’s teachers that are arranged in advance and the parents are also invited to meet with the Elementary Guidance Counselor.

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