Tuition fees

Our tuition fees information can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office on 042-3576 2406-8 or email as it differs from grade to grade.Thank you for your interest in Lahore American School.  

School Fees for School Year 2020-2021


Admission Testing                                                                 $150

Registration Fee for Kg to Grade 5                                       $1,500

Registration Fee for Grade 6 to Grade 12                             $2,500

Activity Fee [per family]                                                        $220        

Facility Development Fund [per family]                              $1,000

Annual Fee

Tuition Fee for Pre School                                                     $3,566

Tuition Fee for Pre Kg                                                            $6,139

Tuition Fee for Kg to Grade 1                                                 $11,091

Tuition Fee for Grade 2 to Grade 8                                       $12,396

Tuition Fee for Grade 9 to Grade 12                                      $13,048


Note: 5% Advance Tax is applicable under 236 (I).



(Students promoted to KG shall be charged one time Registration Fee)



Please Note:

Due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, LAS will begin conducting our virtual school for two weeks. All LAS activities and events have been postponed. We ask parents to regularly check their emails and parent portal accounts for regular updates. Thank you for your understanding.
Please see our Plus Portal for more information.
The Admission Office will continue to be available through email and will continue to support families throughout the admissions process.