One of the characteristics of the LAS Profile of Graduates is that an LAS graduate must be ‘Technologically Literate’. All students in grades 6 through 12 use technology daily as a learning tool. Workshops are offered to allow parents to develop the technological skills needed to stay up-to-date with student progress as well.

LAS is a one-to-one laptop school. Secondary students at LAS use laptop computers daily in all classes as a tool for learning. Requirements for the laptop and details about technology use at LAS can be found in the “Daily Life” section of this handbook.

Parents are provided with a Plus Portal account that gives them access to view their child’s grades in every subject as soon as the teacher publishes them. Teachers update grades regularly and parents are encouraged to review academic progress with their child on a regular basis via the Parent Plus Portal.

Students and parents can find technical support from teachers and the Technology Director whose office is located on the second floor of the Main Building.

The IT Office provides information services to the LAS community. This includes both resource provision, email support and user support. The IT Office can be contacted by email at or by telephone +92 42 35762406


Lahore American School is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. Students may bring either an Apple product or PC. All devices must be able to run the following programs and should be fully compatible with the school’s platform.

  • Windows 8 or higher, Mac OS 10+, or Linux operating systems
  • 1.88+ GHz dual processor
  • 2+ GB RAM
  • CD/DVD drive
  • 2+ GB RAM
  • Wireless capability
  • USB ports
  • 160+ GB hard drive
  • Appropriate carrying case
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery with minimum 6 hour life
  • Headphones or earbuds


Pirated versions of any software are not acceptable. Students are responsible for the security and maintenance of laptops and peripherals.

  • VLC      Free/Open Source (
  • GIMP     Free/Open Source (
  • Google Chrome     Freeware (
  • Movie Maker for Windows or iMovie for Macintosh or Kdenlive for Linux      Freeware (
  • Google Earth     Freeware
  • Google SketchUp      Freeware (
  • Alice (for Grade 8 ICT)     Freeware (
  • In-Page Urdu (for Urdu)      Software (
  • Audacity (for Music)      Free/Open Source (
  • Battery Charger

Each student at LAS is given a school Google Account that includes access to their student email address, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Classroom.

Student email addresses are restricted for school use and should be utilized for student communication with classmates, teachers, and other school staff.

Google Calendars include a testing calendar on which teachers note the dates of tests and major assignments, and an activities calendar that includes schedules of extracurricular sports and other events.

google apps

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows students to access, create, and share files from any computer.

Google Classroom is the online learning platform at LAS. Teachers use the online tools available to provide students with class outlines, resources, lessons, and assignments. Students absent from school are responsible for checking the online classroom and communicating with the teacher about instruction and assignments missed. In the event of the closure of the LAS campus due to extraordinary circumstances, students are required to complete assigned learning activities via Google Classroom and other Google apps for all classes.