Student Organizations

Student Government

At the beginning of each academic year, middle and high school students elect officers to lead their respective divisions and grade levels.

Student Council

The duties of the Middle and High School Student Councils include organizing student activities, representing students to administration regarding their concerns, and assisting in maintaining high standards of achievement and conduct. Student Council members organize both divisional and all-school events such as school dances, community service projects, intramural tournaments, charitable fundraising activities, and spirit weeks. To ensure communication and a connection with all secondary students, representatives are elected to the Student Council through grade level elections. Faculty sponsors assist and guide the Student Council Officers through all endeavors.

Class Council

Each grade level elects a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Student Council Representatives. Officers are responsible for providing leadership to the class. Proceeds earned from class fund-raising activities are used for charity and as deemed appropriate by class officers and grade level advisors.

To be eligible to run for a Student Council or Class Council position, a student:

  • Must have attended LAS for at least two full semesters,
  • Must have met SAISA eligibility standards for the previous year,
  • Must have no disciplinary infractions, including academic dishonesty, on record for the preceding school year.

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) for students in grades 10-12 and the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) for students in grades 6-9 are service-oriented organizations for outstanding students at LAS. These organizations recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Five main purposes guide both the NHS and NJHS: to create enthusiasm for scholarship, promote leadership, stimulate a desire to serve others, encrouage responsible citizenship, and develop character in secondary students. These purposes also translate into the criteria for membership selection each year.

To be eligible for consideration, students must meet the established criteria and have completed the equivalent of at least one semester of enrollment at LAS. Once a candidate is selected by the faculty committee, the student is awarded membership in the local chapter at a special induction ceremony. Members must maintain active participation in NHS/NJHS while enrolled at LAS.


Pi-Rates is a student-led math society. Pi-Rates are not only here to solve math questions or develop students’ level of math skills and knowledge.

The chart below shows the council members of Pi-rates.

Pi-Rates Executive Council 2018-19
President Jiyun
Co-President Muhammad Yousuf
Vice President Seoyoung
General Secretary Aahmad
Treasurer Gayoung
Publicist Hyuna
Assistant Publicist Sunah


Pi-Rates Extended Council 2018-19
Hassan K Ahmed
Karam A Emaan Z
Yunseo C Sang Gue
Jun Gue Abdullah S
Afifah A Rania B
Nabeel I

Pi-Rates are trying to use math to help the water crisis in Pakistan. We have been measuring the size of the toilet tank and trying to figure out the solutions to this problem.

During one of the meetings, we not only measured the field to find out the area to determine the water being used from the sprinkle but also Swimming pool’s depth to calculate the amount of water being used.

In February some of our members participated in Sigma event in Lums. This event’s aim was to make math fun and make the student go through different math-related activities. They had different activities such as Kahoot, Taboo, Hitori, crack the image, Scavenger Hunt. Our members were separated into 3 different groups and performed their best. One of our team went to the top 15 out of 30 teams.

Projects that pirates came up wad creating our own sigma event and nis picnic. Our members were divided into mainly two After then our members started brainstorming ideas about how to accomplish these activities efficiently.  our members decided to come up with a similar event in our school since the Pi-rates aim is also to make math fun to the students. Therefore in our meeting, we started discussing ideas about how it would be and design the event. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do this event to the secondary students due to timing issues.

Now our math society have been teaching our learning support staff in our school about basic math skills to help them learn how to save money and know how to apply math skills into daily life such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. It was led by 12 students and we taught them the basic concept and we give worksheet regarding those lessons. Three worksheets were given to the staffs starting from easy to hard. Our final assessment was held last Saturday and it was a big success many of the people got questions right which made pirates members very proud. Now we are aiming to help them next year as well.


Pi-Rates Executive Council 2019-20
President Seoyoung
Vice President Aahmad
General Secretary Jun Gue
Treasurer Sang Gue
Publicist Sunah
Middle School Representative Emaan

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