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Behnaz Gauhar

ES Guidance Counselor

Behnaz Gauhar is the Elementary Guidance Counselor at the Lahore American School. She has been a part of the LAS family for the past seventeen years, having worked as the Elementary and Middle school Guidance Counselor.
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Mariam Khan

Assistant to Director of Secondary Counseling

Mariam completed her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts in 2015. Soon after, she began teaching English language to fourth grade and then later as a teacher for 1st graders. In 2019.
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Amna Liaqat

Secondary Guidance Counselor

Amna Liaqat has been a part of the Secondary School Guidance and Counselling Office since September, 2015. A lawyer by education, Amna’s passion for student counseling brought her to the field of education.
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Wajeeha Zafar

Assistant to Secondary Guidance Counselor

Wajeeha Zafar did her undergraduate and postgraduate in marketing and finance. She then moved to Lahore American School because she believed that education was her calling. Wajeeha joined Lahore American School Guidance Office in 2016.
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Fizza Suhail

Director of Secondary Counseling

Fizza Suhail holds an MSEd degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia U.S., where she studied on a Fulbright scholarship. Her graduate work focused on human development and adolescent peer relationships.
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