Homeroom & Advisory

All students at LAS have a faculty member who serves as the first contact for student support.

In the elementary school, the homeroom teacher holds a Morning Meeting every day for greeting, sharing, activities, and messages that help build the class community. Twice a month, students and teachers gather for an All-Elementary Morning Meeting to celebrate learning and the elementary school community. Classroom teachers promote after school activities as well as special classroom and school events through Google Classroom and Google Sites.

In the middle and high schools, secondary students are assigned an advisor from the faculty to monitor and support their socio-emotional and academic development. These advisors meet with students in small groups daily for Morning Meetings and on Fridays for longer sessions on topics such as developing interpersonal skills, making positive choices, and building a better community. The advisors of each grade level supervise monthly class meetings which provide opportunities for student leadership. Once a month all middle and high school students gather for a Secondary Assembly to celebrate individual and community successes.

The advisory system fosters a spirit of acceptance and cooperation among peers, while reinforcing the LAS Mission of building our community. It also provides opportunities for teachers to intervene positively in support of students through individual discussions or referrals to the guidance counselor or other faculty members who are trained to give the appropriate support.

Please Note:

Due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, LAS will begin conducting our virtual school for two weeks. All LAS activities and events have been postponed. We ask parents to regularly check their emails and parent portal accounts for regular updates. Thank you for your understanding.
Please see our Plus Portal for more information.
The Admission Office will continue to be available through email admissions@las.edu.pk and will continue to support families throughout the admissions process.