LAS Students will be returning to campus shortly. Please be reassured that all families continue to have the choice of sending their children to physically attend a school or remain to utilize the virtual platform. All classes will be taught in a blended format (simultaneous teaching) addressing both those students on campus and those remaining at home attending classes virtually. For those attending school on campus, it is imperative that they strictly adhere to our SOPs.
The following SOPs are in place:

All faculty and staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

All visitors to campus must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination before entering.

Everyone on campus is required to wear a mask both inside and outside of the classrooms.

There is no food available on campus. Students must bring their own snacks, lunch, and refillable water bottle.

During PE class, students will be allowed to remove their masks, as long as they maintain a safe social distance from others.

If your child isn’t feeling well, please let us know, and keep him/her at home.

Please take a few moments to view the SOP video below.

SOPs for everyone on campus:

  • Entry and exit times for all secondary students:
    • Entry:  8:30 - 8:50am
    • Exit: 2:00pm
      • All students must immediately exit the campus at 2:00pm.
    • Students will wait in line, distanced 6 feet apart, to enter the school.
      • High School students will enter using the front gate.
      • Middle School students will enter using the back gate (at the rear of the gym).
    • Please note that only students and staff will be allowed on campus.
      • No parents or caregivers will be permitted to enter the campus.
  • Upon entry:
    • Students will have temperatures checked, use hand sanitizer, and go through a foot wash station prior to entry.
      • Masks must be on prior to entry to campus
      • Masks must remain on and in place at all times.
      • Masks must fully cover both nose and mouth at all times..
    • Bag Security checks will continue to take place at both main and rear entrances.
    • If a student refuses or fails to properly wear a mask with both mouth and nose covered at all times, they will not be allowed on campus.
      • Students will receive a total of 2 warnings; upon the third incidence they will return to virtual learning only.
      • Please have extra masks stored in the student’s school bags at all times
    • Cell Phones are not allowed to be brought to school by students at all during this time.
      • Cell phones must be left at home or with a driver.
      • Cell phones are not to be brought onto campus at all.
    • One way traffic on campus, through hallways, stairways, etc. Students need to strictly adhere to all signs and markings.
      • Social distancing is in effect at all times both in and out of classrooms.
      • Students must maintain social distance, a minimum of 6 feet of separation, at all times.
      • One person in the restroom at time.
      • Masks are on at all times on campus!
        • Face shields may be worn along with masks but not alone.
        • Again, masks must be properly worn covering mouth and nose at all times, even when wearing face shields.
    • Wall lockers will not be available for use.
      • Students will need to bring only those items they will need for each day’s set of classes, on that day.
    • You have the option of sending your child to attend school on campus or keeping your child at home and attending school via virtual learning.  We ask that you decide, and then commit to either coming to campus each day, or remaining virtual.
      • Whichever you decide to do, it needs to be consistent.  We can’t be switching back and forth.
    • Class Hours will remain 9:00am -2:00pm for all students, both those on campus and those learning from home.
    • After School Activities will continue online.  Timings will be 2:30-3:15, to allow time for children to get home from school.
    • If there is an older child meeting a younger one at the end of the day, they will meet on the elementary playground and move to the exit from there.
    • The playgrounds, swimming pool, gymnasium and playing field will remain closed except for specific organized Health/Fitness classes.  No balls or other toys may be brought to school.
      • There will not be any outside breaks or congregating outside of classes.
      • Social distancing is to be in effect at all times in and out of classes.
    • The only time in which masks may be removed when on campus is during scheduled Health/Fitness/Physical Education classes at the specific direction of that class' teacher.
    • Students must bring their own lunch and snacks.  No food will be available on campus.   The cafeteria, grill and cafe are all closed.
      • Lunch will take place in your child’s second block classroom.
      • Students do not leave the room except for bathroom breaks.
      • Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time.
      • Students will wait quietly in a line for the restroom, ensuring safe distance between them.
      • Monitors will be in the hallways to ensure adherence to SOPs.
    • Each student must have their own supplies for school as needed for each class, including specialized supplies needed for certain classes such as art or math. There will be no sharing of supplies between students to further reduce contact.
    • Anyone showing signs of flu (cough, sneezing, fever, etc.) must stay at home until symptoms have dissipated or a covid19 test shows negative.  If a student comes in contact with a covid-positive person, parents  are expected to notify the school and then quarantine for 14 days (or be tested negative for covid). Parents, if your child is quarantined, he/she should attend virtual school.

Kindly respond to the Secondary Office or Elementary Office if you have decided at this time to keep your children home and have them remain as virtual students.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions  at