Please take the time to read this page. The details provided here will be updated as new information becomes available with the changing circumstances in the world.

Protocols for Keeping LAS Safe

To make the LAS campus a safe place for everyone, the school will be enforcing the following protocols:

  • All LAS visitors will only be allowed access to campus by prior appointment (at least 24 hours before planned visit), provided they have their valid CNIC and fully vaccination certificate on hand.
  • All parents and staff entering campus are required to wear a face mask,use hand sanitizer and have their valid vaccination certificate with them at the time of entry.
  • Everyone on campus is to wear a face mask completely covering both nose and mouth the full time that they are on campus.
  • Everyone is expected to maintain social distancing.
  • All students over age 12 are requested (not required) to be vaccinated and share proof of vaccination with the school.
  • Any student or staff member that displays COVID symptoms (sore throat, fever, cough, etc) is required to undergo PCR testing prior to reentry to the campus.
  • Any person that has been exposed closely to COVID such as a close family member is expected to enter a 10 day quarantine period followed by a negative PCR test prior to reentry to the campus.