Superintendent’s Welcome


August  2017

Dear LAS Families:

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am excited about the many learning opportunities for students this year.  Working collaboratively with parents enriches the learning process and I am eager to work together to help our children become global citizens and independent learners.

As organized in the school’s strategic plan, in 2011-2012, we completed a self-study through the MSA (Middle States Association) re-accreditation process using the Excellence by Design protocol.  Through the process of the self-study, LAS identified three major objectives to enhance school improvement and growth.

The objectives are:

Igniting Passion for Learning

Building our Community

Institutionalizing a Planning Ethic

Throughout this year, we will again start the process of re-assessing our mission statement and school beliefs and begin our new self-study for MSA re-accreditation for the Fall 2019 visitation. Our MSA Coordinator, is here to support these exercises that will include all stakeholders.

As always, updated divisional handbooks for the Secondary and Elementary are accessible to you and your child on the LAS website, and hard copies are available in the main office.   It is imperative that as parents, you go over these handbooks with your child to ensure they understand student expectations at LAS.  Some of the contents in the handbooks have changed, so make sure you and your child are familiar with the information as this understanding is vital to the success of your child(ren).

I would also like to take this time to welcome several new teachers to LAS.  You will see many new faces around campus, so please welcome them to our learning community. These teachers are all experienced and come from a variety of other international schools and teaching backgrounds. Teachers bringing these diverse experiences boost our educational program by exposing our students to different learning strategies and instructional techniques.

I encourage you to browse through the school’s website for basic school information.  Specific information such as schedules and timings is emailed and available directly to parents and students.


Looking forward to a brand new year of learning, exploring and discovery.

Kathy Khan


Lahore American School