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Special Events at LAS

The Lahore American Society strives to involve all students, parents, and faculty in a number of special events held throughout the school year to encourage involvement among all Society members. These activities serve to build our community by providing interactions between students, parents and teachers in a relaxed and supportive location on campus.

Celebrations and special events at LAS include the Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Spirit Week, Winter Carnival, Field Day, Fine Arts Festival, and Pakistan Culture Day. All of these events and activities are viewed as important, valuable components of our school schedule and serve as a beneficial way of providing leadership opportunities and engaging our students in international cultural experiences.

Special assemblies occur throughout the year as students in all three divisions showcase their talents for the Society. Performance highlights of the year include elementary and secondary winter concerts, secondary drama productions, and the elementary musical. In 2016, LAS hosted its first Arts Fest, a competition of visual and performing arts for students from several schools around Lahore.

Our Classroom Without Walls (CWW) week in middle school is more than class trips where students get to visit new places and have new adventures. It’s about learning by doing in real-life situations and locations. It’s about challenging yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, team-building, and reflecting on what you have learned about the world and yourself.

Lahore American School reaches out to the general public every year. At the Open House, we provide information about our curriculum, give campus tours, provide question and answer sessions with the section principals, and provide visitors a general sense of life at Lahore American School. This year’s Open House will take place in March.