Living in Lahore

Pakistan is a conservative society where 95% of the population is Muslim. For the most part, Lahore is safe and foreigners can move about quite easily, but they are encouraged to dress conservatively. The local languages in Lahore are Punjabi and Urdu; however, most Pakistanis speak English. Pakistanis are proud of their country and heritage. Foreigners find Pakistan a very hospitable culture where local residents are caring, kind, helpful, and very welcoming.

Lahore provides a diversity of shopping, parks and restaurants. There are a variety of franchised restaurants but also excellent quality gourmet cuisine that offers a variety of flavors to satisfy any taste buds. The local food is spicy and fresh and can be found throughout the city. Pakistan is a dry country and alcohol is forbidden except for Christians; there are no open bars or clubs. The Lahore International Association is a club available to foreigners where they may apply for membership. Many shopping areas are located throughout the city with a wide range of local and western clothes, as well as good quality consumer products.

Although located in a large metropolitan area, Lahore American School is a small, close-knit community where staff and teachers work together and support each other.  The LAS community participates in many local charity and social events throughout the year. A variety of extracurricular activities are held on and off campus and are enjoyed by all Society members. In addition, there are several sports club facilities in the city as well as social clubs to support involvement in local activities and programs.

Security is a priority while living in Lahore. It is highly recommended that all foreigners follow the local news reports and keep in contact with their respective Consulates and Embassies for security information. LAS provides security updates to Society members on a regular basis.