Life in Lahore

Lahore American School (LAS) is located in the garden city of Lahore, Pakistan. Lahore is the capital of the Punjab Province, the largest province in the country. Lahore is referred to as the cultural and intellectual capital of Pakistan, and the city is replete with public parks, canals, historic buildings, art galleries and a wide range of interesting neighborhoods and restaurants.

Life in Lahore provides opportunities to utilize modern conveniences of a large city but also provides unique old world charm experiences. The old city of Lahore is the established historical center which is alive with architecture, culture, food and shopping. An Old City tour will provide tourists and residents opportunities to go back in time and experience examples of architecture from the Mughal Empire and stroll unchanged narrow streets in the treasured ancient city. Although the city of Lahore can be traced back hundreds of years, it is uncertain when it was founded. Many historians believe it to be around 4,000 years old.

Lahore offers a variety of shopping opportunities where both local and imported products can be found. The shopping experience in Lahore is positive and plentiful. There is an abundance of local produce of fruits and vegetables where one can purchase fresh produce daily. Local arts and crafts can be found in many shops and boutiques where artisans showcase handmade items such as carpets, brass and carved wood pieces. Pakistan’s fashion capital is Lahore, and there is a multitude of local designers that not only offer off-the-rack purchases but also many tailoring services are widely available. Imported grocery, household and fashion products are always available throughout the city; these are typically located in the numerous shopping malls.

Lahore also provides opportunities to become involved in charities, the arts, drama, movies, educational activities and recreational sport activities throughout the city. Some citywide activities include the Lahore Literary Festival, The Annual Horse and Cattle Show, and the Festival of Lights. Information can be found on various websites such as and local newspapers of upcoming events and activities.

The Subcontinent climate plays a major role in city activities. Lahore’s climate is varied with very hot summers and cold winters. Beginning in April the temperature can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius and may reach temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius by June. The monsoon season begins in July and heavy rains are experienced throughout the area until September. Winter arrives in Lahore in December when temperatures can drop close to freezing. Lahori residents have definitive winter and summer wardrobes to manage with the extreme temperatures.