Principal’s Message


Welcome back to our returning families and a very warm welcome to our new families.

During my first two years here at LAS I experienced a high level of professionalism and commitment from our Board, our administrators and our teachers toward building a solid foundation for all our students. I also came to know a parent community who is interested, active, supportive and understands our efforts and our initiatives.

The messages I highlighted during the past two years will further be reinforced this year:

  1. Respect: Show respect for yourself, for others, for your education. This means coming to school on time, ready, willing and able to learn. Attendance at LAS is closely monitored.
  2. Staying informed: Read the announcements. Read the Friday Flash. Read and familiarize yourselves with the Secondary Handbook and other systems we have in place for communication. "I was not aware." Is not an acceptable excuse.
  3. Support: If there is anything you are unclear of or do not understand, come and speak to us. If unclear, reach out to us in person or in writing.
  4. Partnership: We encourage the vital partnership between the home and the school. Let’s keep the channels of communication open. Keep us updated or any contact detail changes and utilize the parent nights, community talks and 3 way conference occasions - these are excellent contact times for parents and the school.

To be educated means more than to possess knowledge or skills; it’s about the ability to learn, and learning is more than grades. Learning is acquiring and developing a skill set. Learning is a process that each individual needs to follow in order to gain true understanding. Here at LAS, we believe the learning process is equally as important as achievement. We believe, too, that an educated mind is an open mind that has the ability to learn and understand different ideas and concepts, which in turn will equip the person with a broader, global perspective on our constantly changing world.

The learning process also requires students to demonstrate character, integrity, honor and the making of smart choices. Here at LAS we hold our students to a high standard. We have the responsibility, along with yourselves, to prepare young people for their entry into the wider world beyond the walls of LAS -- a world where character, integrity and honor are needed to ensure they secure a respected position in the global community.

This year we will continue to evolve. I believe this evolution will be to the benefit of everyone, and aid our momentum to further improvement. Be sure to read our weekly Friday Flash to find out more about this. With an ever-changing world, change is not something to be feared. Change is good and education plays a key role in preparing students to be “change fit”. If your goal is that of a successful, empowered future, then place education at the top of your list. It is the best investment you can make.

The secondary team and I look forward to getting to know you and your children. Let’s make it another fantastic year! Welcome one and all.

Tim Musgrove
Secondary School Principal
Lahore American School