High School Assessment

At LAS, we believe that the learning process is equally as important as achievement and that assessment is the collection of meaningful evidence and information about student learning. Learning is not limited to the acquisition and demonstration of skills, knowledge, and understanding, but to the process of learning itself where students engage in the learning process.  Achievement is not limited to scores but to growth.  

Meaningful evidence comes from a variety of assessments (types and frequency) to inform educators how well students understand a concept, skill, or knowledge in order to drive further instruction. In high school, students will experience more in-depth and more frequent forms of assessment than experienced in middle school. These assessment tools are employed in order to report on student achievement and growth.

The school year has four reporting periods (quarters) to communicate student achievement to parents. Parents can also monitor student progress by accessing gradebooks through our portal Parent Plus.

Please see the Secondary Handbook for further information regarding assessment, grading, conferences, and reporting.

In addition to regular assessments in the classroom, LAS conducts standardized tests as another form of data collection and measuring levels of understanding. The SAT, PSAT, MAP standardized tests, along with the AP course examinations, are conducted and analyzed throughout the school year to help us improve our academic program.