How To Apply

Admission to Lahore American School is open to local and international students from preschool to grade 11 upon the successful completion of all admissions procedures. Grade 12 students are only accepted if they are arriving in Lahore from a fully accredited international or American school and are able to fulfill all admission requirements.

LAS offers a challenging American college preparatory education to eligible students and all applications are considered on an individual basis.

Students who have been accepted for admission are placed in the appropriate class by the section Principal.

Testing for admission will only commence after all relevant paperwork has been completed and received by the Admissions Office.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Lahore American School.

How to Apply

All students applying to LAS in grades 1 to 11 are tested in reading, writing and mathematics. If the student’s first language is not English, testing for English as a second language (ESL) will also be undertaken and support provided if needed.

Student achievement levels and grade levels from former schools are also considered and the final decision regarding admission and placement is made by the school administration.

Age Requirements

For entry into the appropriate grade, students must have reached the required age by the first of October as follows.

Pre-school   three (3) years
Pre-kindergarten   four (4) years
Kindergarten   five (5) years
Grade 1   six (6) years
Grade 2   seven (7) years
Grade 3   eight (8) years
Grade 4   nine (9) years
Grade 5   ten (10) years
Grade 6   eleven (11) years
Grade 7   twelve (12) years
Grade 8   thirteen (13) years
Grade 9   fourteen (14) years
Grade 10   fifteen (15)
Grade 11   sixteen (16)
Grade 12   seventeen (17)


Documents Required

Please note that documentation must be translated into English.

All Applicants

  A copy of a valid passport
  A copy of an original birth certificate
  LAS application forms duly completed
  Twelve (12) passport size photographs
  Standardized test results if applicable
  Immunization and overall health information
  Parents’ pledge form
  Emergency contact form

Grade 2 to 12

  School records or transcripts for the previous three (3) years with grading scale and minimum passing grade indicated
  Two letters of recommendation from the previous school
  School profile


For further enquiries, please contact the Admissions Office by telephone or via the contact form on the left. We look forward to welcoming your family to Lahore American School.

Downloadable Forms

You are welcome to download the LAS Application Form and accompanying documentation from the link below, complete all fields and email to the Admissions Office at

IBCC Parent Disclaimer Form     download here >
Letter from Admissions Committee 2017     download here >
Age Appropriate Grade Placement Scale     download here >
Requirement     download here >
Computer Requirements updated 2014     download here >
Admission Checklist     download here >
Application Form 2016-2017     download here >
The Parents Pledge     download here >
Photo Permission Form     download here >
Acceptable Use Policy     download here >
Forms for Student Parents Permission for Technology, Publications, Handbook     download here >
Parent Facebook Permission     download here >
Emergency Contact Form     download here >
Student Health Record Form     download here >
Fee Structure School Year 2017-2018     download here >
Policy 3.301 Fee Refunds     download here >
Policy 3.30 E Fees     download here >
Policy 3.30 F Payment Procedures for School Fees     download here >