High School College Counselor



I am Fizza Suhail, the High School College Counselor at LAS.

The journey to and through college is one of the most important in a person’s life. I am here to work with each student to help her/him identify their potential career paths, to reflect on their own strengths and sometimes weaknesses, and to help them find the right college ‘fit’.  I work with students individually and collectively to make sure each child puts their best foot forward in their college applications (through essays and other application components) and gets the fair chance that they deserve. So much of the process is introspection and getting to know one’s self better. I journey with the students to guide them through the process, so they come out better informed and more in sync with their own selves.

 My approach is to start working with students early, as soon as grade 9, so that by the time they are ready to send out their applications, they are the well-developed students that colleges look for, with just the right course set for their desired academic direction.

 All high school students are welcome to drop by my office and strike up a lifetime defining conversation!